Casa Vintage


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Casa Vintage originally opened in Sweden the year of 2007 run by Nathalie Josefsson. Our shop was operating in a huge space in an old brewery, redesigned to hold customers of vintage clothing, art and food. In 2010 we moved and our store moved to tropical paradise island - Gili Trawangan in Indonesia.

Casa Vintage Living is all about finding happiness in the small things, such as carefully selected vintage clothing, food, music, art, interior and travel. Very soon, we will launch our very own clothing line inspired by our all time favorite vintage pieces. All these things put together, with the aim to make space for shopping your favorite outfits, eat and drink with friends or spend time on your own and enjoy live acoustic music - you simply won't have to go anywhere else!

This is what we believe

Spreading the awareness of eco conscious production, recycling, reusing by changing or re-designing certain pieces a bit and seeing the value in something old is one of our most important set of values. The concept of Casa Vintage goes hand in hand with doing what you can out of what you’ve got to contribute to a healthier world and inspire others to do the same.



Our shops

At the time, Casa Vintage Living has two stores on the island of Gili Trawangan. One is located next to Casa Vintage Beach on Sunset point. There you can shop some of your favorite pieces and watch the amazing sunset as well as having a drink by the beach. The second store is in a crossing straight up from the little harbor on the island. Its big rounded windows and yellow floor will not make you miss it. Come inside and try out our lovely kimonos and linen shirts or make your way up to the second floor for some delicious tapas and acoustic live music.