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Living on Gili Trawangan

Through the years I have lived here, on this tropical island, many people have asked me “how can you live here all the time, don't you get bored?” 

No, I don't get bored. This island is full of life and beautiful nature. I live here because I connected with the spirit of this island first time i set my foot on the beach 16 years ago. I feel at home here and I have the best friends a woman can ask for. There is such a diversity of people and cultures. I feel as if we all bring our unique piece of the puzzle to this place and above all there is no racism here. 

The local people have big smiles and warm hearts. We all live a village life together where you know most people. We great each other with eye contact and a nod or stop and talk about where we have been and where we are going. When I lived in Sweden for a while going through my divorce, I really missed this. Having daily contact with the people around me. Studies have shown that to live a long life its not only health and less stress that is necessary but also a community of friends and family around you.

I also feel that most of us have work, kids, friends, cleaning and cooking to do in our every day life and I choose to live my every day life here. Life is easier here if you tune into the flow of the island. We have all had to learn patience to live here and inner happiness. Even though shit can hit the fan, there is still so much to be grateful for and happy about. Less is really more, the less we have to worry about the easier it is to just be happy with what you have.