Casa Vintage




The past few years I have gone through a lot of changes and I learned a lot, most of all how to let go and find inner peace. 

First time I had to let go of the business and this island life was a couple of years ago. I choose my kids and my freedom over money and business. In the end everything that is now mine was returned as we can always trust karma to balance out unfairness. Ive learnt to stop worrying about things in life and to just trust in my self and the universe to serve me what I wish for. I understand what my unique life purpose is and what I want out of my life. I don't regret anything in the past, be it good or bad, because if I wouldn't have lived through those experiences I wouldn't have been where I am now, I wouldn't have been me. 

Just as I felt that life is so good and what could possibly go wrong now? Life hit me on the head, or cut me by the knees. The earthquake happened in Lombok and the Gili islands. Both my restaurant and shop and my home was badly damaged. Even threatened to be demolished by the bulldozer that had come to the island to clean up broken buildings and the mess that the earthquake left. Again I had to let go of the business and our home. After a big cry and a bit of whiskey and meditation I could let go. Positivity was flowing through me and i focused on how to get up and make a living of something new and find a new home for my boys and me. 

I decided to start making my own collection of clothing from organic materials such as linen and bamboo and look for a home in Bali. After a month and a half, I returned to Gili and I was able to renovate both the restaurant and the house in the end. The restaurant has gone through a transmutation and is now lovelier then ever, and more from my heart. Ive learned to love my home again and i really appreciate my own space. 

That being said, I have decided to sell both my restaurant and my villa this year. I am moving up to a tiny house on the hill of Gili Trawangan, where the birds and trees sing and the view over the ocean is amazing. I want less, smaller spaces, less business, less staff, less things to worry about. Because human life is not about money at all, it has nothing to do with the essence of humanity. When we pass on, we will have no memory of our big houses or all hours we spent at work, in the gym or stressing around for Christmas gifts. What we bring with us is the love connections that we have had with family and friends in this life, the good times and the karmic lessons that we have learnt. 

Every obstacle or paddle against the current is there for us to learn something from. Life is not only good, its is both darkness and light, so that we have a vibration in our lives to learn from. Change did me well these past couple of years and I have been lucky that I was able to transmute Casa Vintage and myself into something better and more beautiful, from my heart.